Virtuous Skincare

I’m not sure what to think of this product. Do I recommend it? I’m
to say yes. I need to keep in mind that my pregnancy hormones at the
moment are doing all sorts of things to my skin and it could be a
combination of both the product and hormones. I’m definitely going to
try it again after I’ve had this baby and see if there is a difference.

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There is so much in the world of skin care that sometimes it can
get too overwhelming. I never know what will work best for my
skin and what I’m putting on my face. I was contacted a few
weeks ago by Lisa from Virtuous Skincare. She asked me if I
wanted to give her product Skin Repair Cream a go. I thought
why not?!
Her products are natural, New Zealand made skincare products
that only contain high quality, natural, plant based ingredients
and preservatives. It is completely natural, safe, effective and
most important, it’s chemical free! It is said to relieve, calm and
soothe irritated skin, replenish the skin and restore the moisture content.

When I first received the Skin Repair Cream I
was pretty damn excited to try it. I made sure I read through the leaflet and all the instructions (like a dork). Now, I don’t know if I mistook the meaning of the words “apply liberally” but I think I may have put WAY too much on. My whole face became itchy and hot. I didn’t think anything negative of it, I just thought that it was working. Then, I looked in the
mirror and my face was bright red. I was determined though. I kept it on and waited for it to soak in. The redness and itchiness subsided in about an hour, however, the product didn’t sink in. I put on at about 2pm. The next morning when I woke up, I could still feel it on my face. I decided to change my way of applying and only applied half of what I had put on originally. Suffice to say, my skin was no-where near as red or itchy, however, it still was irritated andtook about 12 hours to sink into my skin. I gave it a break for a while and changed my technique again. Now, I only applied a quarter of what I had originally put on and placed it on
my face before I went to bed. This worked so much better for me! Yes, I
still had some irritation on my face but it doesn’t last for too
long and by the morning, the product had soaked into my skin.

It has been about a week and a half. My face does feel softer, however, my skin is now much oilier than before and the itchiness it gave my skin just got too much for me....especially with everything else hurting me in the pregnancy.