Huggies Essentials

You know what....I haven't had a problem! I've been using them for about a week on both girls and I haven't been able to see a big difference at all! I have heard some Mums and Dads say that they can get a bit smelly or they leak. I haven't had a trouble with this at all. No leakage, no smell. The only slight issue I have come across is sometimes when Evie does a big number two, the nappy does drag downward a bit, however, it does make Evie more aware there is something in her nappy which is helping with potty training so really they are helping me! I also wish that the packaging for the nappies wasn't plastic...anywhere we can cut down on our plastic use is a good thing.

I would definitely recommend you give these nappies a go. So far, you can only find them at Big W, IGA and

February 2018

Nappies are bloody expensive and ofcourse, we like the most expensive ones best (regular Huggies)! So when I heard that Huggies were releasing a new range called Huggies Essentials for a cheaper price, I had to find out more!

These nappies are basically a simpler version of the regular Huggies. They still have 12 hours of leakage protection, all nappies have a wetness indicator, super absorbency, is unisex, and has a gorgeous Disney print...this time it's Mickey Mouse! The best part about these Nappies is that they sell for only $13!! Yes there are less in each pack, however, the value is still so much better. In a pack for Grace's size (Crawlers 6 - 11kg) the Ultra Dry Nappies have 90 Nappies in a pack. It now retails at Coles Supermarkets for $30 which makes each nappy around 33c each. The essentials pack has 52 nappies for $13 which makes each nappy 25c each. This doesn't sound like much but when you are buying a pack a week it makes a HUGE difference. Now, let's look at Evie's size (Walker 13-18kg). In the Ultra Dry you'll get 64 nappies for $30 which is about 47c per nappy (Coles Supermarkets). In the essentials you'll get 44 nappies also for $13 which is about 30c per that's a big difference! For someone who hasn't gone back to work full time yet and is basically living off one income, any saving is a great saving. 

But what about the quality?