Thank you all for stopping by and having a read of my life as a Mum. I've got zero idea about what I'm meant to be doing, endless amounts of anxiety, but infinite love for my girls Evie and Grace.
  1. Why are drop offs so hard?
    06 Apr, 2016
    Why are drop offs so hard?
    So, I just dropped Evie off to her Great Grandparents house before I head to work. She was so happy to be there. As soon as she saw them her face lit up and her smile became as wide as the moon. My Grandparents smiles were even bigger! But, as soon as I walked out the door, I instantly started thinking about when I should call to make sure she is okay.
My name is Marianna and I've been blogging since 2016. I've always had anxiety but once my first child (Evie) was born, I found my anxiety had changed. It got to the point where I had to be proactive and make a change. This is it! I'm also very active on Instagram so please take the time to follow us @theanxiousmumma
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