Thank you all for stopping by and having a read of my life as a Mum. I've got zero idea about what I'm meant to be doing, endless amounts of anxiety, but infinite love for my girls Evie and Grace.
  1. Stupid dickheads cause me anxiety.
    23 May, 2017
    Stupid dickheads cause me anxiety.
    After a morning of having super fun with Miss Evie, I turn on the news and hear about what has happened in Manchester. This is my fear. I'll admit, ever since I heard about the first attack at a concert I have always been very apprehensive to go to any big event. The thought always crosses my mind. It even crosses my mind when I am at a cinema. I can't get rationalise my way out of it because what is actually occuring isn't rational. I hate this feeling. I love big events! I love concerts,
My name is Marianna and I've been blogging since 2016. I've always had anxiety but once my first child (Evie) was born, I found my anxiety had changed. It got to the point where I had to be proactive and make a change. This is it! I'm also very active on Instagram so please take the time to follow us @theanxiousmumma
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